Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What's on your work desk? Wednesday 3

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Hello beautiful creatives! 

Good to be back in the swing of things.  Since my last post, my parents came to visit, one of my bubbas got sick, and then I got sick, so not much happening in the art department.   Thank God my parents were here because they were quite helpful.  My dad even checked off some items from the honey-do list!
Now that everyone is healthy again, I have been able to sneak in some time to get art messy!

Over a week ago I received some happy snail mail which included three travel journals!  These journals are part of the Face in the World Facebook group lead by Ayala Art.  I love being part of the group as it's all about collaborative art.  Currently we have 11 women working on each other's 5x7 journals.  Each person can choose a theme for their journal or not, and we have two weeks to mail the journal to the next person on the list.  Of course, because life happens, that is not always the case (which is why I ended up with 3 at one time).  But that is ok because we are a group of patient and understanding women, and all the journals will eventually make their way to the original artist.

Here are some pics is my work desk... hope to mail these out by the end of the week.

fig1: theme is only use black, white, with a dash of red (work in progress); fig 2: theme was anything goes

If you want to know more about Face in the World Facebook group, click on the following linkFace in the World and other projects

For those of you who don't know (which is most of you), I am not a dog/pet person.  But since my last post, a cute little Australian Shepherd found her way into the Buster clan and she is trying to change my mind.  

Meet S'mores... super adorable, and well behaved but #stillnotadogperson, at least not yet.

Thank you for visiting my page and hope to see you again soon!



Diane Futrell said...

Very cool. Traveling journals. And your big is cute. You will be a pet person in no time. 😉
Diane WOYWW #31

itsamistry said...

Ohh I'm looking forward to seeing my page :)

Linda said...