Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Love makes me feel...


Well Friday was the day of LOVE!!! Unfortunately, no babysitter equals no date night!  But that is ok, because we celebrate our love everyday!! (sap sap... yes I'm corny but I love my Bubba!!!)
Anywho... I did get a very touching valentine card, some yummy chocolates and a melt in  your mouth strawberry shortcake on Thursday evening.  It was very sweet, and I think he thinks he got some brownie points for giving it to me early...ok he did! 

My lovely gift from my love:

My hubby doesn't really care for receiving gifts on V-day, but I wanted to make him something special and something he will actually use.   Since he, like most people,  reads the card once, then I get an "awe thanks bub" and that's it, the moments is over and the card enters stationary limbo.  So I decided to make him bookmarks because he is always reading, especially for school, usually about three or four books at a time.   

I made him three bookmarks, inspired by designs I saw on Pinterest.  He really liked them and actually showed them off to his co-workers!  He's too cute!  


(Acrylics, B&W sharpie paint pens, charcoal pencil, washi tape, text on printer paper, TCW219 mini punchinella, and 7gypsies Clear STAMP Set Numbers)

Btw, we did get to go out on Monday night (dinner and a movie), thanks to my sister Melinda for staying with the boys. 

Many blessings! 

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