Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Faces... Pt 2

29 faces challenge - February 2014

Happy Wednesday!! 

Here are entries 7-10 for the 29 faces challenge (For entries 1-5 click here).  Yes, only 7-10... I will NOT be sharing #6 is was an epic fail!! I tried drawing a face from a photo (which wasn't too bad, been years since I attempted), then added color with pastel chalks.  It was not good at all... no not sharing (I don't even want to look at it!)

Enough of my rant... I did want to try adding color to the faces and because it has been forever since I worked with pastels (my first love...*sigh*) I wanted to give it another go.  

So I grabbed some pastel chalks, charcoal pencils (B&W), and color pencil on toned charcoal paper and went at it... see my results: 


I know I'm a little behind, but I will catch up! I will have my 29 faces by the end of the month!  

Thank you for stopping by! 

Many Blessings! 


denthe said...

Love the soft look of these. Beautiful!

Iris said...

Lovely faces!! I really like how you do different eyes.

With the one you didn't like and don't want to share, I'd say put it away in a drawer and look at it in a few months or even a year. You'll probably be much more accepting of it then!

Tracy said...

Love these! Great shading, and they have so much character.