Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - December 2013 Creative Dare

Five Things I Value...

It's been a while since I completed a creative dare for Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel, but this month I was able to take some time and create a page with the Five things I value!   I think it only took me an hour to complete... it felt good to get it all out and not have to come back to it, or over think it.  

Here are some pics of the process and the completed page. 


I choose the words Trust, Unity, Empathy, Joy and of course Love!

Thank you for stopping by...

Many Blessings to you and your home! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Christmas Card Swap with my Mixed Media Monday Group

Handmade Christmas Cards...

Here is my 1st attempt at mixed media Christmas cards... I think they turned out pretty good.   

It took me forever to decide what to do.. too many ideas in my head.  I searched on Pintrest (which btw, I finally joined), but that didn't help because there were so many more card ideas to choose from. 

So I finally just started painting some backgrounds on different types of paper (card stock and dictionary pgs), did some stenciling, some doodling and just let go!


I made these cards for a Christmas Card Swap with my Mixed Media Monday peeps!  I love being a part of this groups and super excited to participate in the card swap. 

I had fun making the cards, but what was more fun than making them, was receiving the package in the mail with the Christmas cards from the ladies in Group 1 of the card swap. 

Here are their lovely creations!! 

Thank you for stopping by! 

Christmas Blessings, 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Buster Boy Birthday Season!!

I love my lil Bubbas!!! 

Hello Everyone! 

It has been over two months since posting.  Time is just flying by we have already entered the Christmas Season (Yay!).   Can't wait to share some of what I have been working on... but first I wanted to share some of my best work (of course my hubby and God kind of helped with the creation process) 

For those of you who don't know me, I have three handsome boys and all their birthdays are in the fall... hence, Buster Boy Birthday Season!  So I just wanted to share my loves with you all and how we celebrated with them! 

The season started with ETHAN's birthday, my 4 yr old (Sept 22, 2009).  He is smart, funny, and a force to be reckoned with (middle child syndrome)!  We started our day at the Camden Children's Garden,  had some homemade b-day cake with presents at home and the next day at school he got to share cupcakes and goodie bags with his little friends! 

Then we have my youngest JONATHAN (Nov 14, 2012), who celebrated his first year of life!! He is such a happy baby, so sweet and easy to care for!! He is my biggest baby, already wearing 18-24 mons (my other two never exceeded their age in clothes size).  He smashed a cupcake on his birthday, and he he got to celebrate with his cousins the following weekend!  Pics are super cute... see below!

BRIAN, my oldest (Nov 15, 2006), who turned 7 (going on 16)!  He is also very smart, great sense of humor, and very caring and thoughtful.  He also got to celebrate with his classmates and the next morning we went out for breakfast (his favorite meal time) and he also had a sleepover the following weekend.  Yes, Brian and Jonathan's parties were on the same weekend!  And Yes, that was exhausting!! 

Here are some of the pics from each celebration... Enjoy!! 

Aren't my boys cute!! 

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