Monday, July 1, 2013

June, Not Just My Birthday Month!!

So June has come and gone and it was packed with many different celebrations!  Though you would think my Birthday should have been enough!  ;)

The first week of June...
 - We had my nephews high school graduation on June 4 and on June 8 he was surprised with a graduation party at BounceU (yes, HS kids had fun with cosmic bounce!)
Congratulations Joshuah!!  We love you and are super proud of you!! 
- Also on June 8th we attended the 25 Anniversary celebration of a ministry I hold near and dear to my heart... The Children Safe Harbor (Amparo de la Niñez).   I can't believe 25 years have past, man I feel old.  It's an awesome ministry with great directors
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AMPARO... Love you very much Tio Felipe and Titi Myrtha and thank you for your dedication to the children of DE Valley and beyond!!

The second week of June...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  Yup it was June 9th and I woke up a 36 year women!! (though I am still 25 in my head)
At Mid-night I received my first birthday wish from my hubby (didn't get to read his card until morning cuz I was too tired to appreciate the lovely note I knew was waiting for me inside)
Morning came and it was a pretty calm day, got up, made me some b-day pancakes, got the kids ready went to church (oh and did read the card from the hubs, beautiful and sappy as always). 
My lil bubbas sang Happy Birthday to me and we had cake in the church's hall.  Then we went out to eat (yummy!!), past by my moms, (she had a gift for!!) went home did my home work and day was done!
On Wednesday, I wake up and notice a mini balloon and card taped to the front door... my sister and bro-in-law left me a gift.  It made my day and the rest of the week!!

~Me at my B-day dinner

The third week of June...
Woke up early with the boys to make father's day card... posters. They were so cute, my little budding artist...
~My Handsome Hubby and my boys!

We also had another graduation celebration this month. My baby sister Priscy graduated from Biblical Theological Seminary with a Masters of Art in Counseling.  We are super proud of her... Congratulations Priscy!

The fourth week of June...
My husband left me :(... to go on a two week missionary trip to Kenya.  This trip is part of his Masters of Divinity program (he also goes to Biblical Theological Seminary).   Miss him terribly, can't wait for him to come home and share his experience with us. 

~June with some sweet kiddies in the village of Maina

Well that's it... June is gone... but July is here, so let's have some summer fun!

Enjoy and Be Blessed

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Elibed Rodriguez said...

Another great post, Carmen. What a busy life.