Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mixed Media Monday Creative Dare - May

Before you say anything, yes I know it is June, but in my first post I did mention I would share my May Creative Dare from Tracy Weinzaphel, A letter to My younger self.   I originally thought I would blog once a week or every two weeks, but time just flies by and June has been very busy.

So here it is... excerpts from my letter to my 20yr old self ...

My Dearest Me,

I’m writing to you to let you know that you are strong, beautiful and loved; and God has been good to you!

             ....As you sit there in your bedroom alone, having a pity party, singing “why me” song and, reciting “The should of, could of, would ofs” I want you to know you will get out of that depressive hole.  It will take time, and some moment will feel like you are in the deepest deep, but for the most part you will get a grip and trust in the Lord. 

You will do things that will make you proud of yourself and many things that you will regret.  You will be able to let go of most traumas, but you are still dealing with some.  You will get a little bolder and  a little more out spoken.  You are still not where you would like to be but you are getting better at vocalizing your opinions and stepping out of your comfort zone. 
You are strong, beautiful and loved; and God has been good to you!
...You will graduate college, by the skin of your teeth, but you will graduate.  You will find (w/o even looking) someone who loves you for you.  He will be the biggest pain in the butt, but you will love him with your core because he is also your biggest supporter and your best friend.  Together you will buy a home, and have two cars and make lots of babies.  Yes, your dream of motherhood will come true.  You will have three beautiful, smart and crazy boys… btw all natural births, by choice, what were you thinking. 
You will have an even closer relationship with your family. They will be by your side helping you and guiding you.  ... You will laugh with them, cry with them, fight with them and laugh some more.  You will have many friends to cross your path, but your family will be your true friends. 
You are strong, beautiful and loved; and God has been good to you!
And yes, you will find the strength, passion and drive to LIVE, DREAM, BE BOLD and CREATE!!
Loved and Blessed,

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just me starting something new... Hope you join me in this journey!

So I'm really doing this.. putting myself out there for all to see.  Starting a new chapter in my life, letting myself be bold, daring to do and say what God puts in my heart.  Hopefully I stay obedient to His word and stay in line with His will.  no pressure.. :).

Well, it's June, and for those who don't know me I was born in June.. June 9th to be exact.  So how appropriate would it be to start this new venture of blogging.  But this is not the only adventure, I've also started making time for art and it feels good. 
To help me stay motivated I have signed up for a course via (free online courses in almost any subject you can think of... Love it).    I have also become part of several artist communities.  The one group that has been keeping me on my feet and has introduced me to so many new things, ideas and people is Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel.  

Being part of the Facebook group has been awesome!  The women in this group are open and transparent and most important give me a sense of community.  They are extremely helpful and encouraging.  

The monthly Creative Dares, have been quite challenging, and have made me look inside of me (scary I know).  I was first introduced to the group in April with Aprils "Five Words" Creative Dare.  We were to identify five word that best encompass what we want to be remembered for. 
It took me a while but I finally narrowed it down to: Strength, Kind, Faith, Virtue and Creative.    I think it turned out pretty good! 

For May's Creative Dare we had to write a letter to our younger self.  It could be to the infant you, the child you, the teenage you or even the you of last yr.  Basically it was a time to reflect, and for me it was a time to be grateful for God's blessings in my life! 
My letter to me was short, sweet and to the point, but the feelings within me as I was writing were deep and revealing.  (will share more including the letter in my next post).

Here is the finished product.  Yes, it's beautiful, I know!

I can't wait to see what challenges the June Creative Dare will bring!

Via the Mixed Media Mondays group, my eyes have been open the world of Art Journaling and mixed media art.  I have been spending hours just viewing blogs and websites full of wonderful works of art and the awesome people creating them. 
My passion for Art, which has been on the side lines, is making its way to the forefront and is giving me will and purpose... getting a little obsessed, but I think that is a good thing.  Hey it's gotten me to start writing a blog and encouraging me to do what I love! 

Well this is my 1st post, a little birthday gift to myself.  I hope you enjoyed it! 

Be Blessed!